The at6sand7spodcast’s Podcast

From the Creators of ABC D-Bagz comes a new Game Show Podcast that puts two contestants against each other. Join them for laughter, fun, and mayhem as they try to gain points and become the ultimate winner.

Episodes Date

Join Greg and Mike from the Nerds United Podcats.. Link here. Greg and Mike battle each other to gain enough points so they don't have to sing a theme song, but a twist right at the end changes the ou...
September 16, 2020
Join Theresa and Zoe and they try to earn points by talking about Science Class, Candy Land, and Mrs. Pac-Man.  Omaha Virtual Makers Market Link here Halftime Show: Voicemail ??? Santa Claus Something...
September 7, 2020
In the All New version of At6'sand7's Tony from ABC D-Bagz podcast goes up against Jeremy from the Deuce Podcast. Find out who wins in the premiere episode.  Half Time Show: Kyle Anderson From Enterta...
September 2, 2020

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